PEEK-OPTIMA Natural polymer has a 15 year track record of safety, biocompatibility, and bio-stability, supported by thousands of regulatory approved implantable devices.


The main benefits of PEEK-OPTIMA include:

  • Radiolucent for easy artifact-free monitoring & assessment of the healing site with X-rays, CT or MRI.
  • Bone like modulus helps minimize stress shielding and stimulate bone healing.
  • Extremely strong, durable and highly resistant to creep & fatigue. The polymer can withstand sterilization repeatedly with no degradation.

PEEK Optima is a product of Invibio Biomaterial Solutions. Please visit Invibio website for more details


Figure 1: PEEK-OPTIMA HA Enhanced image(s) provided courtesy of Invibio Biomaterial Solutions. All rights are reserved.