All of our interbody cages are available in 2 material options:

  1. PEEK Optima LT1
  2. PEEK Optima LT1-HA Enhanced

Screws, Plates & Rods are made out of Medical Grade Titanium (Ti6Al4V ELI). The Rods are also available in Cobalt Chrome.

PEEK Optima & PEEK Optima-HA Enhanced are products of Invibio Biomaterial Solutions.

Our Interbody Implants for Cervical & Lumbar Spine are available pre-sterilized. These implants are sterilized using Gamma Irradiation before packaging. Sterile single packaged implants are wrapped in sealed packaging and do not require washing and steam sterilization prior to use.

Each implant used in the procedure is taken out of its packaging only seconds before being implanted. Unlike for reprocessed spinal implants in implant racks, the risk for contamination pre, peri and post implantation is virtually non-existent.

Sterile Spinal Implant is a safer, easier & more cost effective solution for Spinal Implant management.

The use of reprocessed implants raises several concerns. One of the first questions is whether the supplier has validated that the implant sets can be safely reprocessed hundreds of times and if so, what are the consequences for the integrity of the surface of the implant.

In addition, before and during the surgery the implants are exposed to hazardous contamination; even after the sterilization, it is well documented that endotoxins retain their biological activity. Biological and chemical residues will retain their immunogenicity after sterilization.

The lack of traceability of implant batch may result in time-consuming practices and a number of legal concerns that are associated with the responsibility for the sterilization of the implant.

Working with prepackaged, sterile implants offers demonstrated advantages in terms of safety, implant integrity, traceability, liability and cost saving.